Bangor, Maine

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Fairmount is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Bangor. Located near the Fairmount Park and the Bangor Golf Course, recreation options are in no short supply in Fairmount. Also of note is the Fairmount Market, a deli of nearly one hundred years of age, prized by locals for its delicious sandwiches. Fairmount Elementary School is a part of the Bangor School District, and ranks highly amongst the populace while retaining a 7/10 rating. A wide variety of homes, with a myriad of size and price options, also decorate the area, making it accessible to families of all sizes and income levels. Median home price is $289,000.

Whitney Park Historic District


Home to the city’s most famed resident, Stephen King, the Whitney Park Historic District is where the upper crust of Bangor resides. With wide streets and luxurious mansions built by the lumber barons of yesteryear, wealthy residents of Bangor have little to complain about when it comes to this upscale neighborhood. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and flanked by the Bangor Theological Seminary, Whitney Park is a truly scenic residential area for those in a higher income bracket. Fairmount School, Vine Street School, James F. Doughty School, and Bangor High School, all acclaimed and accredited, all serve the neighborhood as well. Median home price is $500,000.

Little City


Little City is a quiet and highly sought-after area. US Senator Susan Collins is a resident. Median real estate price clocks in at over $300,000, making it a middle-tier neighborhood for costs in the state, with most homes being single-family residences and apartment buildings, and many of them historic homes. A common boast among residents is the ability to ride your bike to work every day. Mary Snow School, a small elementary school, is in the neighborhood.

Bangor Gardens


Home to one of the most lovely parks in all of Bangor, Bangor Gardens features easy access to walking trails and basketball courts. Bangor Gardens is also home to Abraham Lincoln High School and The Learning Garden, both highly regarded schools. Rental homes in Bangor Gardens are relatively affordable for those in lower income brackets, while single-family homes are available for purchase at around $185,000.

Judson Heights


Single-family homes in the beautiful Judson Heights neighborhood range in price from approximately $250,000-$450,000. The area boasts a very strong sense of community, with trick or treaters, lost and founds, and classified ads helping to foster bonds between families. Elementary schoolers frequently attend the well-regarded Mary Snow School for elementary and William S. Cohen for Middle School before going on to Bangor High School. Residents often praise the abundance of yard space and wide-open land in Judson Heights, giving it a sprawling and natural vibe that can be difficult to resist.