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West Campus

College Students

UT is a big school so there is a big demand for off-campus housing in Austin. West Campus is a good place to start your search. Right next to campus and filled with reasonable (by Austin standards) apartments, restaurants/bars, outdoor play options in a great local park and overall great energy for your college years. If the energy of West Campus sounds exhausting or distracting then look at North Campus. That’s equally convenient but less of a rager and ideal for grad students.

  • West Campus
  • North Campus
  • Hyde Park
  • Rosedale


Young Professionals

Downtown is ground zero for young professionals working in the area who want to both walk to work and to a huge volume of bars, restaurants and outdoor play. The entire area is filled with apartment and condo options mixed in with the downtown office buildings. Old West Austin is another good option if you want a bit of distance from downtown. Closer to UT but with a cozier neighborhood vibe. The area is filled with boutique restaurant, bar and shopping options, and as a bonus has some beautiful recreation options for a moment of zen or play within the city.

  • Downtown
  • Old West Austin
  • Bouldin Creek

East Austin


Holy cow, lots of options in Austin for neighborhoods popular with the LGBTQ+ community. East Austin has spiked to top of the list in recent years with the opening of new restaurants and bars owned by and supportive of the community. Clarksville is another good option for those looking to be in the city but get a more intimate neighborhood experience. Close to the 6th Street entertainment hub the area has eclectic restaurants, cafes and boutique shops.

  • East Austin
  • Clarksville
  • Downtown



Clarksville is an interesting choice if you want to be in the city but get a bit of distance from downtown. The tree-lined streets have a mix of home and apt/condo options amidst great locally owned restaurants, cafes and shops. Zilker is another good starting point in your search. The park is a huge attraction for outdoor play and zen chilling and within walking distance are as many restaurants, cafes, and shops as your heart desires.

  • Clarksville
  • Zilker
  • Bouldin Creek



Cherrywood is a good place to start if you want to be just a few miles from downtown but also want a quieter vibe with all the requisite homes, parks and trees. Bonus, it has its own local restaurants, bars and cafes so you don’t have to make the short trip downtown if you need a snack or libation.

  • Cherrywood
  • Windsor Park
  • Brentwood