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What's it like to live in Arlington, VA?

What are the pros and cons of living in Arlington, VA?


-amazing public schools (ranked #1 in the state)

-lively bar and restaurant scene

-low crime and unemployment rate (well below average)

-very close to Washington D.C.

-extremely pet friendly

-huge amount of outdoor activities/amenities (parks, trails, playgrounds)

-strong public transit system

-diverse community

-great for seniors, millennials, college grads, and couples looking to start a family

-a very health conscious area, was ranked the healthiest, fittest city

-rich history


-heavy traffic

-extremely expensive, the average price of a home is $725,000 while the average cost of rental is $2,200 per month

-weather can be unpredictable

What are the pros and cons of living in Arlington, VA?

I love living in Arlington. Being part of Virginia, taxes are less than the district and Maryland. However it is one of the more expensive parts of Virginia due to its location near the city which makes for a shorter commute for those working in the district. Arlington has a great sense of Community. In addition to having some of the best ranked and racially diverse schools, the county offers a wide range of classes and other activities - especially For kids and seniors. The county is broken into different pockets which can help you decide the best place for you. The Wilson Blvd strip (Ballston, Clarendon, etc) is close to metro and is great for the younger, single groups. North Arlington is more expensive and has some great high schools. South Arlington is less expensive and more racially diverse.

What is it like to live in Arlington, VA?

Arlington, being a fairly large county, has many different neighborhoods which all differ from each other.

I like to think of it this way:

North Arlington, (North of I-66) is a relatively expensive place to live, however, the best place to raise children and have a family. Parks are abundant, public facilities are usually clean and well funded, and crime is almost non-existent. Public schools in Arlington (Jamestown, Taylor, Discover for elementary) (HB Woodlawn, Williamsburg, for middle) (Yorktown, Washington-Lee for high) are very well funded.

For people such as single college students, young couples, etc. Places such as Ballston, Virginia Square, Clarendon, Court House, and Rosslyn are all in very close proximity to each other and all have metro stations that provide an extremely fast method of getting to DC (5 mins), Vienna, Tysons, Alexandria, and certain places in Maryland. Crime here is also relatively low, and it is not difficult to find reasonably priced apartments. Certain universities such as Marymount, George Mason, Strayer, all call Arlington their home. Other well known universities that are a short trip from the heart of Arlington include Georgetown University American University, and Howard.

Arlington in general is great in terms of location as DC is right across one of the numerous bridges that span over the Potomac. Other notable places in Virginia are close thanks to the VRE train system. Baltimore is a 45 minute drive. There is access to Ronald Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport. Both of which have/are about to receive direct metro access.

In conclusion, if I could choose anywhere in the U.S. to start and raise a family, I would choose Arlington, Virginia.

Pros and cons living in city or Arlington

Lived in both and currently in Arlington. You will go into DC a LOT less if you live in Arlington. Yes, you can try to commit to doing it more, but the extra 30 minutes really does add up and act as a deterrent. So if you want to prioritize socializing with DC based friends (and not just after work happy hours), then staying in DC is probably the best bet.

Arlington does have a LOT benefits. Public services actually work. You can call the County government and get a live human in two or three rings that actually sounds interested in helping you. The police department proactively tries to stop and deter crime, including setting up stings for small fry crimes like package thiefs or emerging hotspots of burglaries or sexual assaults.

So a lot depends on where you are in your life and what you need from a city. If its primarily socializing and meeting new people? DC. If its the variety of things local government can provide (schools, public safety, etc), then Arlington by far.

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