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What's it like to live in Arden-Arcade?

Arden-Arcade lowdown

I live on the “Arcade” side of Arden-Arcade (very near Carmichael) and overall it’s fine. There are nice neighborhoods and not-great ones. Many of the main thoroughfares are lined with dense apartment housing, which mixes things up a bit.

Overall, folks in the nicer neighborhoods seem to send their kids to private schools instead of the local ones, so take that as you will. My local elementary school is like a 2 or 3 / 10, and I have noticed lots of folks who appear to be recent immigrants (lots of clothing that seems less familiar to me) - so perhaps the low scores reflect English language learning, which of course would add academic challenges.

Looking to move out to arden-arcade area, how is it over there? I've only ever lived in midtown, but rent is so high over here

I agree. Lived in Arden for about 7 years. The scenery can change in just one block. From multi-million dollar homes to someone shooting up openly on a bus stop bench. Generally I've seen people on this sub say to avoid anything north of Arden, but I think that's BS. I live between El Camino and Marconi and Fulton and Watt. I like where I live.

Pros: Good food, easy access to 80, (generally) cheaper rent than midtown

Cons: Some areas are definitely more sketch than others (but that's everywhere in Sacramento), not very walkable, bad public transportation.

Honestly, I think what you'll be sacrificing the most is walkability and easy access to desirable attractions. If you don't have a car, Arden Arcade could be problematic.

Moving: how is the Arden Estates area?

It’s a gamble. Nice neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods could literally be on the same street or block. Though compared to other areas in town, Arden is mild and you shouldn’t have much trouble. Stay away from Howe, Watt, and Fulton at night to avoid the meth users, and everything else is just fine. If I’m not mistaken, Arden Estates is probably the nicest suburb in the Arden area. Natomas, though, is overall nicer than most areas of Sacramento, except when you get to Del Paso. Both are decent choices, but if safety is the biggest issue, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Antelope, and Citrus Heights are the next closest areas with pretty low crime rate. Really, any main street at night is best avoided.

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