Antioch, California

Gateway to the Delta

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What's it like to live in Antioch?

Antioch Review - 4 Stars

It is a multi-cultural neighborhood that is a strong community of supporting the image of the town. Even though the community is not as economically wealthy as other towns it supports itself from the families that help support the town through education or community activities. Also, the town has been improving it's image as well as economy through the real estate that has made more affordable housing to new residents and creating a high demand of jobs for all workers.

Antioch Review - 4 Stars

I'm a current resident here in Antioch. I can say that Antioch is my home since I've been living here for about 8 years now, half of my life. Honestly living here has brought me to some very good people, which they've turned into very good friends of mine now. Also the area is nice and I like how everything can easily be accessed. Now, if I could change anything from Antioch, I think it would be the variety of attractions or places to go out and enjoy. I would like to see more of that.

Antioch Review - 3 Stars

Antioch is an emerging community in need of cleaner neighborhoods and less drugs on the street. Some sections of Antioch are nice while others are really bad. Despite the local population and the way residents treat the place, Antioch has amazing trails, like the ones in Black Diamond Mines, and waterways, like the Sacramento River, that make the crime and filth worthwhile.

Living in Antioch