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Central Amherst

Young Professionals/Students

Central Amherst is both the center/downtown area of Amherst as well as the home of the University of Amherst. If you like your college towns with a college smack dab in the middle + you want to live in that vortex of energy then this is your neighborhood.

Central is known for being a downtown with tree-lined streets and a mix of older historical homes and newer condo/apartment options for young professionals and students. newer homes. Besides being a quintessential small-town downtown Central also is filled with a larger quantity of boutique shopping, great restaurants, cafes and even outdoor play spots, including the Amherst Common where a lot of community events happen.

The neighborhood has good public transportation for a small town, particularly for student destinations so you can survive for a bit without a car.

North Amherst


North Amherst is an interesting mix of families, who enjoy the historical and more recently built and reasonably priced homes here, and undergrad and graduate students/families from UMass Amherst, who live in one of several large apartment complexes.

North Amherst has its own Historic District which is a beautiful example of a traditional farming village. Locals love the mellow commercial district, which gives the area its own gravitational pull, separate from the Center of Amherst. The streets of North Amherst are wide and treelined, the sidewalks broad and kid-friendly, and the parks great for sports or just walking and picnicking.

East Village


East Village is also an historic district (lots of these in Amherst) that is primarily known as a quiet, residential neighborhood, filled with spacious single-family homes.

While close to the center of Amherst, East Village is "suburban" in the sense the homes are on large lots, the streets are quiet and completely kid-friendly, and you steer clear of the student racket if you choose to raise the kiddos here. The schools in the area are excellent(true for all of Amherst) and easy access to the city center when you need a night out makes it pretty perfect for a family looking to escape, but not too far.