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What's it like to live in Ames?

Living in Ames as a Townie

I went to school in Iowa City but moved here after graduation. Of the places in Iowa I’ve lived (Des Moines, Ankeny, Iowa City, Coralville, Ames) I like Ames the best. It’s a quick drive down to Des Moines if you want to take advantage of the bigger city benefits, but safer and quieter so long as you’re off campus.

Living in Ames as a Townie

Ames is a great place. Lived here 30 years and never left. The only down side is, it is difficult to meet opposite genders since the town is either college students, or people who are already married and working in the community. Go State!

Living in Ames as a Townie

It was literally the lowest unemployment city in the nation (at least pre-pandemic) and on top of all sorts of "best places to live" charts. Consistently in the top school districts in the state. Low cost of living compared to almost any bigger city near by.

Living in Ames as a Townie

Not a bad place to settle at all, I finished school at ISU two years ago and have found my groove here. There's definitely a transitionary state where you evolve from student to adult, but that's going to happen no matter where you live. Ames has drawn an impressive line between student housing and the genuinely residential areas, if you're able to find the right neighborhood (I prefer the older homes North of Main Street downtown and South of 13th) I think you'll find yourself to be a very comfortable human being. McFarland Park, Peterson Pits, as well as the whole Skunk River Greenbelt are true gems, not to mention all of the lovely people!

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