Amarillo, Texas

Helium Hollow

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Young Professionals / Retirees

As with most small to mid-sized cities Downtown is where the young professionals and some retirees live. Restaurants, microbreweries, music clubs, jazz bars and dance clubs are pretty plentiful here and so if your thing is going out and living a walk from the scene then the apartments and condos downtown will work for you. There are also several outdoor parks and plazas in the area, providing a place for the youngsters (or retirees) to throw a frisbee or just enjoy the outdoors.

One of the most interesting and perhaps bizarre landmarks in downtown Amarillo is the Cadillac Ranch, an art installation featuring a row of vintage Cadillacs partially buried nose-first in the ground. Other cultural options in the area include the Amarillo Museum of Art, the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts, and the Amarillo Civic Center, all of which play host to live music, art shows and theater productions throughout the year.

Wolflin Village

DINKs/SINKs / Retirees

If you’re single or a couple but looking to get a breather from downtown then take a peek at historic Wolflin Village. Filled with 1920’s homes along tree-lined streets, the whole neighborhood is going through a restoration. The walk score here is excellent with boutique shopping and restaurants all within range. It also has a strong community vibe with plenty of block parties and events throughout the year, making it feel like its own little town.

La Paloma Estates


La Paloma Estates is a first choice for those who want to live the high life. The homes are huge with big lawns and the local public schools are excellent. It also has the Tascosa Golf Club, with golf, tennis, swimming pool, walking trails and a restaurant. Many of the families in La Paloma use the club as a community center.
If you’re craving a more city-centric neighborhood with lower prices then check out W 34th Ave/S Washington St. Decidedly middle-class but also with nice homes and low crime, this established, older neighborhood is near the center of the city for those craving something closer to the action.

  • La Paloma Estates
  • Tascosa Estates
  • Lake Tanglewood
  • W 34th Ave/Washington St.