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What's it like to live in Akron?

What is it like to live in Akron, OH?

I was born and raised here. You are close to a regional airport, south of Cleveland and north of Canton.

Akron’s revamping the downtown area, most of downtown is the University of Akron. Downtown has the Rubbers Ducks, Lock 3 and many other wonderful area. We have the best ice cream around. Just outside of Akron there is a place known as the Portage Lakes where in the summer has best entertainment because there is a few of the bars that sits on the water.

What is it like to live in Akron, OH?

We're the 5th biggest city in Ohio, just under Toledo's population so we have a breadth of neighborhoods. Some examples: if living downtown, you see how much of that has been absorbed for a planned growth of residential UAkron students. South of downtown and the campus gets rough, yes, and a few other neighborhoods, but they're interspersed. the public school system has shrunk so a handful of schools have closed, mostly elementary schools, and several have been rebuilt within the last decade, including East High. Two biggest shopping areas Chapel Hill mall with Howe Ave plazas on the Cuyahoga Falls border and on the west side is Summit Mall, a little fancier than Chapel Hill, with the rest of the shopping area a quarter mile further west of the Copley/Fairlawn borders. The west side may be a little more posh and a arguably better property value with Ellet equivalent values pretty close.

There are several city parks plus most of the Summit County Metro Parks in or bordering the city. The Gorge is arguably the prettiest with the valleys leading down to the Cuyahoga River. Some city parks get a little rough but as a lower middle income kid growing up (I'm 25 now) I wasn't worried at most of the parks. The Summit County parks have a fully functional police force that patrols, but the parks close at dark anyways.

Entertainment options have really grown with a plethora of restaurants downtown and west side. Both shopping areas mentioned have most of the chain restaurants, but downtown and west side have more small chain and independent restaurants. Craft beer is just as big here as Cleveland proportionately with great taps at several bars the The Office in North Hill or 69 Taps, Lockview, Baxter's, etc. downtown. Our biggest breweries are Thirsty Dog and Hoppin Frog, but in the last couple years we have microbreweries opening up with two almost next door to each other in the Akron Valley Area that approaches the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Live entertainment includes big acts that hit UAkron's EJ Thomas Hall (home of Akron Symphony) and Akron Civic Center in downtown, with smaller venues including Musica (stone's throw from Civic), Annabelle's (Highland Square/near west side), and others. Outdoors downtown in the Summer includes Lock 3 live next to our historic canal that runs through downtown.

Plus, if you get really bored in Akron, you can shoot up to Cleveland!

What are the people like in Akron, OH?

I left Akron, Ohio when I was but 8 years old, but still have the fondest memories. I returned for a visit some decades later, and nothing had changed! I drove everywhere from that 8-year old memory. I especially wanted to see the home I lived in that my grandfather had built. It was the same except for a color change! My Dad graduated the University of Ohio and worked at Good Year back then. After growing up in California, living in Hawaii for 3 years, I am now happily in Florida, however, I will never, ever forget those happy times in Akron, Ohio…

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Akron, OH?
If you do not have employment, savings or another source of income, it will be difficult for you to thrive in Akron, OH. Housing and rent is inexpensive, but Akron does have an issue with crime and drug addiction. You must also like cold weather and SNOW because we get a lot of it. The roads are bumpy from the winter weather conditions, and cars do get rust. Most people do not move to Akron; they were born here. Many leave for larger cities; I went to Atlanta, GA in 1987 and returned in 2009. Since I was disappointed at the city's decline and I want to leave again. Plan B: Spring 2018 - Jacksonville, North Carolina. Low cost of living, low crime, low property taxes, NICE weather & smooth roads!

Benefits of Akron? Low cost of living, 4 seasons & great food. Akron is small and you can get just about anywhere from East to West or South to North in about 15 minutes. They have great medical care because many of the residents are baby boomers and older. Young people tend to move away.

Akron is close to Cleveland, OH with over 1,000,000 people - in the greater metropolitan area. Cleveland, OH has more to offer, but it is also more expensive than living in Akron. You will do substantially more driving in Cleveland because it is spread out and has much more traffic. (but nothing like Atlanta, GA)

Living in Akron, Ohio

There are so many reason to Move to Akron Ohio, and in today's video, I am coving 10 reasons why Akron Ohio is a Great City to live in. You'll hear me say it like 3 times in the video, but Akron is on the come up!!!!